Can you complete shield of Arrav by yourself?

The Shield of Arrav quest is a unique free-to-play quest in Runescape. It’s unique in the fact that it is actually impossible to complete by yourself. It requires another person also doing the quest to complete.

How do you get Shield of Arrav after completion?

Look around for a chest in the south-west corner of the hideout to find one half of the Shield of Arrav. You can only grab one shield half at a time, and you cannot obtain it after completing the quest.

How do you get Shield of Arrav in Runescape?

He is located in Varrock’s Blue Moon Inn. This bar/restaurant is located near the south entrance of Varrock. Go inside the bar and find Johnny the Beard and kill him (he may need to respawn). Jonny will drop a report which Straven needs.

How do you beat Shield of Arrav alone Osrs?

If you are going to attempt Shield of Arrav solo, then the only way to do so is to make a second OSRS account and use it to join the other gang. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to complete the quest by yourself, as you are required to trade the certificates with someone in order to complete the quest.

Can you skip Osrs tutorial?

At times, Skippy can be found on Tutorial Island near the Gielinor Guide, and will allow players to skip the tutorial. Upon using Skippy, players will obtain all of the tutorial island starter items.

Can I get another certificate Shield of Arrav?

If you choose to destroy the complete certificate, you can go back to your respective gang and get another shield half part. The full certificate used to be tradeable, and could be given to someone who just started the quest, then that person could give it to the King and complete the quest without doing anything.

Where is the key to free Drezel?

Head back downstairs and kill one of the monks of Zamorak to get a golden key. If you try to use it on the door to Drezel’s cell, you will find that it does not fit. Go back outside the temple, and climb down the ladder into the Mausoleum again.

How do I skip the tutorial in TERA?

Hello, as stated before, you can just enter the tutorial and skip right back into the character creation (Logout > Character). Then you’ll have the choice between the two zones.

How do I get half of certificate Osrs?

When a player returns their half of the Shield to Curator Haig Halen of the Varrock Museum, they will receive one half of the certificate, depending on whether they joined the Phoenix Gang or the Black Arm Gang. There are two different certificate halves. Once combined, one can not trade the full certificate.

How do I talk to Drezel?

Right-click on the Cell door and choose the ‘Talk-through’ option to talk to Drezel and he’ll explain that the River Salve, which the temple is built on, is now slowly being corrupted and he needs your help to save the temple and restore Saradomin’s blessing, starting with sealing the Morytania coffin next to you using …