How did the Kwakiutl eat?

Much of their food came from the forests and rivers. Trees were a major resource for the Kwakiutl. The Kwakiutl hunted in both the rivers and the forests. They ate beaver, deer, rabbit, and fish.

How did the Kwakiutl make their clothing?

The Kwakiutl made clothing from the bark of trees. They also made rain capes and coats from animal skins. From the abundant forests of cedar and redwood trees, the Kwakiutl built houses called plank houses, or clan houses. Each building of planks could house 30-40 members of the same clan.

Why did the Kwakiutl not farm?

Why did the Kwakiutl not farm? Like the Inuit the Kwakiutl did no farming, but unlike the Inuit they had lots of food available. The area they inhabited was very rich in natural resources the Indians could use to survive. To get salt for their food, the women gathered seaweed.

What are the Kwakiutl known for?

The Kwakiutl were widely known for their totem poles, elaborate wooden houses, and seaworthy log canoes, as well as for dramatizing myths and performing magic tricks.

How did the Kwakiutl travel?

What was Kwakiutl transportation like in the days before cars? Yes–the Kwakiutl Indian tribe made large dugout canoes by hollowing out cedar logs. The Kwakiutl tribe used these canoes to travel up and down the sea coast for trading, fishing and hunting, and warfare.

Where are the Kwakiutl now?

The Kwakiutl people are indigenous (native) North Americans who live mostly along the coasts of British Columbia, which is located in the northwest corner of Canada. Today, there are about 5,500 Kwakiutls living here on the tribe’s own reserve, which is land specially designated for Native American tribes.

Is Kwakiutl a tribe?

How did the Kwakiutl view death?

It was called ‘craziness strikes on account of the death of a loved one,’ and by means of it the Kwakiutl handled mourning by the same procedures that they used at marriage, at the attainment of supernatural powers, or in a quarrel. There was a more extreme way of meeting the affront of death. This was by head-hunting.

What are some interesting facts about the Kwakiutl?

The Kwakiutl are the people of several related Native American groups. They traditionally lived on or near Vancouver Island in what is now British Columbia , Canada. The Kwakiutl built their villages along the water. They lived in large rectangular houses made from cedar wood. They made dugout canoes from the trunks of cedar trees.

What weapons did the Kwakiutl use?

Kwakiutl fishermen used harpoons, nets, and wooden fish traps. Hunters used bows and arrows. In war, Kwakiutl men fired their bows or fought with spears and war clubs. Some Kwakiutl warriors wore bulky armor made of wooden rods lashed together to protect themselves from enemy archers.

What shelter did the Kwakiutl live in?

The Kwakiutl used their environment to obtain shelter by using large planks of cedar wood to build houses. Their homes were called plank houses.

What are some facts about the Kwakiutl tribe?

The people of the Northwest coast used blankets for storing items and trade. Only the official canoe-cutters were allowed to carve canoes. The clothes worn signalized class ranking. The Kwakiutl wore very elaborate masks. Weaving was only a job for women.