How do you get the Lake Guardian in Pokemon Diamond?

The three lake guardians are obtainable after the defeat of Team Galactic at Mt. Coronet. They each return to their lakes, and Uxie and Azelf can be caught in the caverns of their lakes; however, when encountering Mesprit in its cave, it flies off and roams the region.

Do the Lake Guardians Respawn?

1 Answer. If a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon is not captured, it will reappear after defeating the Elite Four.

Which is the best lake guardian Pokemon?

Lake Guardian’s Strengths Uxie has one of the best defense stats in the game. Mesprit has good stats across the board but doesn’t excel in any category. Azelf will probably be the most useful of the bunch. Pokemon Go already has a better, more easily obtainable Psychic attacker in Alakazam.

Who is the best lake Pokemon?

1.8k. Moltres/articuno/zapdos.

  • 2.1k. Entei/suicune/raikou.
  • 4.3k. Groudon/kyogre/rayquaza.
  • 1.8k. Giratina/dialga/palkia.
  • 606. Kyurem/reshiram/zekrom.
  • 282. Zygarde/xerneas/yveltal.
  • What is Azelf weak against?


    Where do the lake guardians live in Pokemon Diamond?

    In the games. Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The lake guardians each live in the cavern at the center of one of Sinnoh’s three commonly known lakes: Uxie resides in Acuity Cavern of Lake Acuity, Mesprit resides in Verity Cavern of Lake Verity, and Azelf resides Valor Cavern of Lake Valor.

    Who are the lake guardians in Pokemon Sinnoh?

    The Lake Guardians or Lake Trio are a trio of Legendary Pokémon consisting of Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf who are the protectors of the Sinnoh region in the Pokémon anime. Team Galactic wishes to take control of them and use their powers to create a new universe in the Pokémon world.

    What did Team Galactic want to do with the lake guardians?

    Team Galactic wishes to take control of them and use their powers to create a new universe in the Pokémon world. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars were planning on bonding with them, but the trio bonded with Ash, Dawn, and Brock instead.

    Where are all the locations in Pokemon Diamond?

    This is part of the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough, with the following locations: Acuity Lakefront, Snowpoint City, Lake Acuity, Galactic Headquarters and Spear Pillar . Click here for Part 7. Click here for Part 9. 4.1.1 Stop Team Galactic! A snowy area that is the entrance to Lake Acuity.