How do you prove that sin 90 equals 1?

Start measuring the angles from the first quadrant and end up with 90° when it reaches the positive y-axis. Now the value of y becomes 1 since it touches the circumference of the circle. Therefore the value of y becomes 1. Therefore, sin 90 degree equals to the fractional value of 1/ 1.

How do you find the sine of a 90 degree angle using a right triangle?

Hypotenuse=-Longest side of a right-angle triangle. As our angle of interest is Sin 90. So accordingly, the Sin function of an angle or Sin 90 degrees will be equal to the ratio of the length of the opposite side to the length of the hypotenuse side.

Can Theta be 90 degrees?

All triangles have 3 angles that add to 180 degrees. Therefore, if one angle is 90 degrees we can figure out Sin Theta = Cos (90 – Theta) and Cos Theta = Sin (90 – Theta).

What angle has a cosine of 1?

Sines and cosines for special common angles

Degrees Radians cosine
60° π/3 1/2
45° π/4 √2 / 2
30° π/6 √3 / 2
0 1

Why is tan 90 undefined?

tan90∘ is undefined because you can’t divide 1 by nothing. Nothing multiplied by 0 will give an answer of 1 , so the answer is undefined.

What is the value of Cosec 90?

Cosec 90 degrees is the value of cosecant trigonometric function for an angle equal to 90 degrees. The value of cosec 90° is 1.

What is the shortest side of a 30 60 90 triangle?

And so on. The side opposite the 30° angle is always the smallest, because 30 degrees is the smallest angle. The side opposite the 60° angle will be the middle length, because 60 degrees is the mid-sized degree angle in this triangle.

Why tan 90 is not defined?

Why is Tan 90 undefined? As we have got the result as infinity, and we cannot define infinity, therefore tan 90 is undefined.

Which value of cos is 1?

The value of cos 1° is equal to the x-coordinate (0.9998). ∴ cos 1° = 0.9998.

What is COS 1 equal to?

As you can see below, the inverse cos-1 (1) is 0° or, in radian measure, 0 . ‘1’ represents the maximum value of the cosine function. It happens at 0 and then again at 2Π, 4Π, 6Π etc..

How does a triangle for sin 90 degree look?

So in a Triangle ABC if Angle B is 90 degree it is easy to find sin A or sin C – I mean which side is the Perpendicular, hypotenuse or the base.

Is it possible to have a triangle that have the angles of 90, 89 and 1?

Yes, it can be proved that the total of interior angles always equals 180 degrees. You have with 90, 89, and 1 that sum to 180 degrees. Yours happens to be a right triangle but that is not requirement. Don’t regret not buying this tech in 2026, buy it in 2021.

How is cosine of 90 equal to 0?

If you write only 90, it means the angle is in radian. In radian, 90°= (pi/2). Anyway, cosine of 90° equals zero. That’s because as the angle in a right triangle increases, cosine value of that angle decreases. You can draw a diagram of a right triangle having unequal angles and check.

Is the cosine of a right triangle equal to 0?

You can draw a diagram of a right triangle having unequal angles and check. So, maximum value of the angle in a right triangle can be 90°, and the minimum value of the cosine can be zero (for angles less than or equal to 90°). Hence, cos 90° = 0.