How do you use misalignment in a sentence?

1. End effects and errors due to misalignment are very important in torsion testing. 2. Sure, the bathroom door is weak with misalignment and it will not shut.

How do you use the word distorted in a sentence?

Distorted sentence example

  1. Pierre’s face, already pale, became distorted by fury.
  2. He writes like a man whose view is distorted by physical or mental pain.

What is an example of a can sentence?

“My daughter can drive a car.” “John can speak several different languages.” “I can do it by myself.”

What is the meaning of deformable?

Capable of being reshaped. The adaptive optical systems in modern astronomical telescopes compensate for atmospheric distortion by using deformable mirrors.

What’s another word for misaligned?

What is another word for misaligned?

crooked lopsided
uneven skewed
askew awry
asymmetrical cockeyed
wonky twisted

What is Disalignment?

: the condition of being out of correct position or improperly adjusted : bad or incorrect alignment Over time, because of damage and wear, typewriters develop faults and misalignments that render their typescript unique.—

What is a sentence for distortion?

The odd camera angle distorted her figure in the photograph. The sound of the guitar was distorted. Heat caused the plastic to distort. She felt he was distorting the facts.

What causes distortion?

As distortion is determined by expansion and contraction of the material, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the material plays a significant role in determining the stresses generated during welding and, hence, the degree of distortion.

Will and would sentences examples?

We use will to express beliefs about the present or future:

  • John will be in his office. (
  • I thought we would be late, so we would have to take the train.
  • We’ll see you tomorrow.
  • We always spend our holidays at our favourite hotel at the seaside.
  • We had a terrible night.

Can and could sentence examples?

We use could to show that something is possible, but not certain:

  • They could come by car. (= Maybe they will come by car.)
  • It can be very cold here in winter.
  • That can’t be true.
  • It’s ten o’clock.
  • It could be very cold there in winter.
  • They know the way here.
  • She can speak several languages.
  • I can see you.

What is an example of deform?

to mar the natural form or shape of; put out of shape; disfigure: In cases where the drug was taken during pregnancy, its effects deformed the infants. to make ugly, ungraceful, or displeasing; mar the beauty of; spoil: The trees had been completely deformed by the force of the wind.

What is deformable material?

Deformable materials can be plasticine, wax and cotton batting (see Figure 3). Deformations to these materials are permanent. …