How fragile is the LG Velvet?

The LG Velvet does flex under severe pressure, but it did not crack or shatter. A small gap between the chassis and display did appear that probably reduces the device’s water resistance, but this test is way beyond what most people would do to their smartphones.

Why did LG smartphones fail?

Rather than being a genuine product, its smartphones felt to many like they were rushed prototypes. The company’s strange dual-screened LG Wing from 2020 was a case in point. Speaking of those two, another reason behind LG’s failure is that it simply wasn’t memorable enough to users.

Why LG phones are not popular?

On the software front, LG doesn’t have a stellar performance either. The company is notorious for being very slow to release major software updates for its handsets and abandoning support altogether rather quickly, sticking only to the occasional security updates.

Why are LG phones so cheap?

LG’s pricing model punishes early adopters and abandons its user base. Many LG users are quite loyal to the company but if it continues this poor pricing model, fewer of them will actually buy the phone in the first three months.

How durable is the LG Velvet 5G?

Despite being cheaper than most of the high-end phones this year, the LG Velvet proves to be one durable piece of tech. It is almost worryingly thin but even the mighty hands of JerryRigEverything weren’t enough to break it.

Is the LG Velvet worth it?

It’s not worth it. If the Velvet is supposed to kick-start a new direction for LG, well, it’s not a very promising launch. This is a fine (if overpriced) phone with the basic features you’d want, but there’s nothing here that impresses.

Is LG going out of business?

Engadget has contacted LG for confirmation. After years of losing money on the division, LG said it will kill its failed mobile business by the end of July, though it might still sell some devices after that date. Folks who buy an LG phone will still receive up to three years of Android operating system updates.

Is it worth buying LG Wing?

Overall, the LG Wing is an extremely innovative smartphone that would put a big smile on any tech enthusiast’s face. For a price of under Rs. 30,000, it’s a great buy for people who want to try the swivel design while having good cameras, 5G connectivity, and promised updates.

What does LG stand for?

Lucky Goldstar
In 1995, the inexpensive, poor quality, Korean appliance and home electronics brand, Lucky Goldstar, became LG with the slogan, Life’s Good.

Do LG phones last long?

If you are dealing with low end or mid-range Android phones such as the Samsung J-7 Emerge or the LG X Power then you can expect around 2 years maximum lifespan if the phone is well taken care of. A flagship device such as the Samsung Note 8 or an iPhone could last 3 to 4 years if it is well maintained.

Does LG make bad phones?

Even when people did choose an LG phone, LG did its best to make sure they would never be LG customers again. For years, the company produced defective smartphones that died early due to poor build quality.

Are LG phones going away?

LG smartphones are no more, as the Korean company announced Monday (April 5) that it will be shutting down its mobile phone business. The move, OK’d by the electronics giant’s board of directors, ends months of speculation about the fate of LG smartphones.