How much is a DSi worth 2020?

The original Nintendo DS sells for $36 on average, based on recently sold eBay listings. The redesigned DS Lite, however, goes for $48 on average, while the DSi and DSi XL – the DS line’s final revisions – sell for $39 and $64 respectively.

Can you still buy a DSi?

Can I still purchase Nintendo DSiWare? No. Now that the Nintendo DSi Shop has closed, this is no longer possible; however, most DSiWare is available to purchase through the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

How big is a DSi?

2.95 inches
The DSi has two 3.25-inch (83 mm) TFT-LCD screens—. 25 inches (6.4 mm) larger than those of previous models—that are capable of displaying 262,144 colors….Hardware.

Dimensions (when closed) and mass
Length 2.95 inches (75 mm)
Width 5.39 inches (137 mm)
Height 0.74 inches (19 mm)
Weight 0.472 pounds (214 g)

Is a DSi rare?

7 McDonald’s Edition Nintendo DSi ($499) It’s a really rare one that it’s not easy to find and although it’s far from the most expensive console out there, it’s definitely the most unique one. The McDonald’s edition Nintendo DSi was released exclusively in Japan and given to employees of McDonald’s in Japan.

How much does a DSi XL sell for?

How Much Is A Nintendo DSi XL Worth? A used Nintendo DSi XL is worth $20 to $300 depending on condition and/or if it ships with a box. Bigger screen, bigger price; It stands to reason! If you have a Red Mario 25th Aniversary DSi XL with Mario Kart at home in mint condition, then it sells for around $550.

How much is a DSi worth 2021?

What is the value of a Nintendo DSi?

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-01-30 Nintendo DSi Launch Edition Metallic Blue Handheld System $21.50
2021-01-24 Nintendo DSi Launch Edition Metallic Blue Handheld System $50.00
2020-12-02 Nintendo DSi Handheld Game Console – Light Blue $31.00

Is Nintendo DSi discontinued?

On March 31, 2017 we closed the Nintendo DSi Shop after being available on Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems since April 2009. This closure means that users can no longer make purchases in the Nintendo DSi Shop.

Is the Nintendo DSi discontinued?

What does DSi stand for?


Acronym Definition
DSI Data Set Interface
DSI Defense Security Institute
DSI Data Systems Inquiry
DSI Dual Stage Inflator (air bag)

What does DSi stand for Nintendo?

It’s a known fact that the the DS in Nintendo DS stands for “Developer’s System” and “Dual Screen.” But what does the “i” in DSi stand for? According to a Nintendo representative, the “i” has two meanings. First, it is symbolic for “I” – As in, the DSi is your own, personal system.

What is better DSi or DSi XL?

All in all, the DSi XL is simply a bigger variant of the DSi. It plays the same games and can do pretty much the same things. The bigger screen, bigger battery, and better speakers simply improve the experience at the expense of size and weight. And for just $20 more, you can get a DSi XL.

How much is a Gameboy worth?

Original Gameboy System GameBoy

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
eBay $44.99
Amazon $59.75
GameStop $89.99