How old is Jessica Lucas?

36 years (September 24, 1985)
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Who plays Tabitha Galavan?

Jessica LucasGotham
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Who plays galavan’s sister Gotham?

Jessica Lucas (born September 24, 1985) is a Canadian actress. She portrayed Tabitha Galavan on Gotham.

Is Jessica Lucas single?

In April 2017, Lucas announced her engagement to chef Alex Jermasek.

What nationality is Jessica Lucas?

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What happened to Jessica Lucas?

In 2019, Lucas played the starring role of Kate Jameson in the Canadian crime drama television series The Murders which aired on Citytv. In late 2020, she was cast in the regular role of Billie in the fourth season of the Fox medical drama television series The Resident.

Who is the Australian girl in Transformers?

Rachael May Taylor
Rachael May Taylor (born 11 July 1984) is an Australian actress and model….

Rachael Taylor
Born 11 July 1984 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 2004–present

Why did Rachael Taylor leave Greys?

Taylor, who is currently guest-starring on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Lucy Fields, is set to leave for Miami to shoot the Angels pilot next week, after the musical episode of the ABC medical drama wraps. Joining the Charlie’s Angels franchise is “daunting,” Taylor says.

Who is the blonde in Jessica Jones?

Rachael Taylor (II)

What happened to April Kepner on GREY’s anatomy?

Drew, who played Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy from seasons 6 to 14, left the series in 2018. In the finale, April reveals that she’s quit her job as a trauma surgeon at Seattle Grace and now does medical work for the homeless. The episode also sees April and Matthew marry after a surprise re-engagement.

Why does Sadie leave GREY’s anatomy?

She was initially written as a lesbian, but was revised as bisexual. In January 2009, George confirmed her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, and several reasons were cited for her leaving. George said she had decided to leave to pursue another project, and offered praise to the cast members.

Is Trish Walker a villain?

Though she realized she is the bad guy, she’s still an arrogant, self-centered narcissist. Patsy Walker/Hellcat is one of our all-time favorite Marvel characters, and so seeing her turn into this warped, addicted, and deranged beyond hurt.

How old is Jessica Lucas, the actress?

Jessica Lucas (born September 24, 1985) is a Canadian actress and singer.

Who is Jessica Lucas of Coldplay true love?

Jessica Lucas. Jessica Lucas (born September 24, 1985) is a Canadian actress and singer. She is known for her roles in television, such as Edgemont, Melrose Place, Cult, and Gotham, and in the films The Covenant, Cloverfield and the 2013 Evil Dead. She also starred in the music video for Coldplay’s 2014 single “True Love”.

Who is Jessica Lucas in friends with benefits?

The same year, Lucas was announced to have signed on as Riley Richmond, one of the lead roles in another CW television series Melrose Place, a followup to the popular 1990s series of the same name. Lucas was part of the main cast of the NBC sitcom Friends with Benefits, which aired during the summer of 2011 before being cancelled.

When did Jessica Lucas join the TV show Edgemont?

In 2001, she joined the Canadian teen drama television series Edgemont as recurring character Bekka Lawrence, later becoming a series regular on the show, which she remained through the end of the show’s run in 2005. She was also a series regular on another Canadian television series, YTV’s short-lived 2030 CE in 2002.