In which para is Surah Yunus?

Para 11
Surah Yunus – Verse 85-86 (Para 11)

What are the juz in Quran?

A juzʼ (Arabic: جُزْءْ, plural: أَجْزَاءْ ajzāʼ, literally meaning “part”) is one of thirty parts of varying lengths into which the Quran is divided. Each ḥizb (group) is subdivided into four quarters, making eight quarters per juzʼ, called maqraʼ (lit. “reading”).

Which juz is Surah Rahman in?

Juzʼ 27

الرحمان Ar-Raḥmān Rahman
Position Juzʼ 27
No. of Rukus 3
No. of verses 78
No. of words 352

Who was the father of Hazrat Yunus?

Yunus is called Dhul-Nun (Arabic: ذُو ٱلنُّوْن‎) and by Muslims. He is mentioned four times in the Quran by name….Jonah in Islam.

Prophet Yunus
Yunus’ name in Islamic calligraphy followed by Peace be upon him
Predecessor Alyasa
Successor Zakariya
Parent(s) Amittai (father)

What Juz is Surah hujurat?

Al-Hujurat (Arabic: الحجرات‎, al-ḥujurāt meaning: The Chambers) is the 49th chapter (surah) of the Quran with 18 verses (āyāt)….Al-Hujurat.

الحجرات Al-Ḥujurāt The Private Apartments
Classification Medinan
Other names The Inner Apartments, The Chamber, Apartments
Position Juzʼ 26
No. of Rukus 2

What is the first juz of Quran?

The first juz’ of the Quran starts from the first verse of the first chapter (Al-Fatiha 1) and continues part-way through the second chapter (Al Baqarah 141).

What is the 26 juz?

The 26th juz’ of the Quran includes parts of six surahs (chapters) of the holy book, from the beginning of the 46th chapter (Al-Ahqaf 46:1) and continuing to the middle of the 51st chapter (Adh-Dhariyat 51:30).

Which Surah is called mother of Quran?

Umm al-Kitab
Al-Fatiha is also known by several other names, such as Al-Hamd (The Praise), As-Salah (The Prayer), Umm al-Kitab (Mother of the Book), Umm al-Quran (Mother of the Quran), Sab’a min al-Mathani (Seven Repeated Ones, from Quran 15:87), and Ash-Shifa’ (The Cure).

Which Surah is called father of Quran?

Yusuf (surah)

يُوسُف Yusuf Joseph
Arabic text English translation
Classification Meccan
Position Juzʼ 12 to 13
No. of verses 111

Is Yunus a Turkish name?

Yunus (Arabic: يُونُس‎, Yūnus, Persian: یونس‎, yūnes, Turkish: Yunus), also spelled Younas, Younes, Younis, Younus, Yunes, Younous and Yonas, is a common male given name, the Arabic version of Greek Ιωνάς (Ionas), from Hebrew יוֹנָה Jonah ‘dove’.

How long was Nabi Yunus in the whale?

Hazrat Yunus A.S, who spent 3 days in the stomach of a Whale. The stories of Prophets of Islam Allah had sent down a total of 124,000 Prophets for the guidance of mankind.

What is the main message of Surah hujurat?

Surah Al-Hujurat contains etiquette and norms to be observed in the Muslim community, including the proper conduct towards the Islamic prophet Muhammadï·º , an injunction against acting on news without verification, a call for peace and reconciliation, as well injunctions against defamation, suspicion, and backbiting.