What 2 things caused the end of the first Cretan civilization?

The reasons for the slow decline of the Minoan civilization, beginning around 1550 BC, are unclear; theories include Mycenaean invasions from mainland Greece and the major volcanic eruption of Santorini.

What caused the decline of Minoan civilization?

The event traditionally associated with the fall of the Minoans was the eruption of a nearby volcanic island, Mount Thera (modern-day Santorini). More destructive was a massive tsunami that resulted from the eruption and devastated the Minoan settlements on the northern coast of Crete.

What destroyed the Cretan civilization?

Archaeologists have now enough evidence to believe that the reputed Minoan Civilization was severely damaged and affected by the eruption of Santorini Volcano, which destroyed their fleet. It is estimated that the palaces of the Minoan Civilization were destroyed almost 150 years after the volcanic eruption.

Where did the Cretans come from?

The population history of Crete can be traced to the early Neolithic when the island was colonized by farmers from Anatolia who established in Knossos, at about 7000 B.C.E., one of the first Neolithic settlements in Europe (Evans, 1994); other Neolithic settlements were subsequently established all over Crete (Tomkins.

What race were Minoans?

Analysis of DNA from ancient remains on the Greek island of Crete suggests the Minoans were indigenous Europeans, shedding new light on a debate over the provenance of this ancient culture. Scholars have variously argued the Bronze Age civilisation arrived from Africa, Anatolia or the Middle East.

Who was the Minoans most famous king?

Back in the distant past, when the ancient Minoan Civilisation flourished on the island of Crete, there lived a great king known as Minos. Historians believe that ‘Minos’ may actually have been a title given to all Minoan kings, but to the early Greeks, Minos appears as one single, powerful figure.

Who wiped the Minoans?

Minoan civilisation was wiped out by the devastating Thera volcanic eruption exactly 3,580 years ago, study claims. The ancient civilisation of the Minoans was wiped out exactly 3,580 years ago, a new study has found.

Did the Dorians destroyed the Minoan civilization?

The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations were destroyed by new arrivals from Macedonia and Epirus. This new group of Greeks, called the Dorians, settled in the war ravaged lands and developed their civilization. They swept into central Greece from Macedonia and Epirus.

What was unique about the Mycenaean civilization?

The Mycenaeans are the first Greeks, in other words, they were the first people to speak the Greek language. The Mycenaean civilization thrived between 1650 and 1200 BC. This influence is seen in Mycenaean palaces, clothing, frescoes, and their writing system, called Linear B.

Why are the Minoans not considered Greek?

Minoan Crete But the people were not Greek. They came from Asia Minor (Anatolia) around 2600 BCE while still in the neolithic age. They were not a warrior culture like the Mycenaeans and later Greeks. The Minoans had a fleet to protect their trade ships from pirates, but probably not a military navy.

Who did the Minoans worship?

The religion of the ancient Minoans of Crete largely revolved around the Mother Goddess who was typically associated with snakes. While she seems to be the chief goddess of the Minoans, they probably also worshiped a Bird Goddess, maybe just a different form of the Mother Goddess, as well as a Bull God.

Why did Poseidon give Minos a bull?

In order to confirm his right to rule, rather than any of his brothers, he prayed Poseidon send him a snow-white bull as a sign. Enraged, Poseidon had Aphrodite curse Pasiphaë, the wife of Minos, causing her to fall in love with the bull. She subsequently gave birth to the half-man, half-bull, Minotaur.