What are cordial glasses used for?

A cordial glass is a petite, stemmed glass used for serving small pours of cordials and liqueurs, often after a meal with dessert. It’s a fairly ornate style of glass, with a relatively tall, narrow bowl (almost like a champagne flute) that flares into a wider mouth.

What liquor goes in a cordial glass?

Cordial glasses are used for flavored sweet liqueurs, also known as cordials. These alcoholic beverages may be flavored like coffee, chocolate, fruit or even blends of herbs; the base liquid is sometimes whisky, rum or cognac.

How big is a cordial glass?

1.5 to 2 ounces
Cordial: The main thing about cordial glasses is their size—they’re small, stemmed glasses designed to hold just a bit of your favorite cordial or liqueur (sweetened, often flavored, spirits-based drink). Usually 1.5 to 2 ounces.

What is an aperitif glass?

An aperitif is usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. This before-dinner drink may be big on flavor but is typically small in volume and is designed to be sipped and savored, or in some cases taken as a shot. In either case, use the glass that is appropriate for the drink.

Is sherry considered a cordial?

The cordial and sherry glasses are ideal for liqueurs and aperitifs. One major difference between the cordial and the sherry is that the cordial typically has a narrow rim in comparison to the sherry glass.

Can You Use cordial glasses for port?

Meant to be filled up to the widest part, these port wine glasses are also ideal for serving 2-3 oz cordials and sherry while the smell enhancing shape lets you indulge in wonderful sweet, fruity and herbal nuances of these aromatic digestives and aperitifs.

How much alcohol is in a cordial?

They contain less alcohol than whiskey, gin, and the other base spirits. The average is between 15 percent alcohol by volume (ABV, 30 proof) and 30 percent ABV (60 proof).

What glasses do you drink Amaro in?

Traditionally, amaro is served straight up or on the rocks in a tumbler or shot glass. A slice of lemon or orange rind is sometimes added and the bitterness can be diluted with seltzer water on a warm day, or with hot water in cold climates.

What are tiny liquor glasses called?

pony glasses
Extra-tiny liqueur glasses (sometimes called pony glasses) may be found but are better restricted to display or decoration. If a glass is too small, it must be filled to the brim to obtain the minimum 1-ounce portion.

Is drinking cordial bad for you?

Ordinary soft drinks and cordial are high in sugar and therefore high in energy. One can of soft drink contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar! Diet soft drinks and cordials are better choices, but do contain colours, flavours and artificial sweeteners and should be taken only occasionally.

Is Brandy considered a cordial?

Liqueurs and cordials are not only sweet, they carry pronounced flavors. An alcohol — such as brandy or gin — is mixed with natural flavors, often from fruits or plants. Examples include creme de menthe, raspberry cordial and sambuca.

Are cordial glasses the same as shot glasses?

Cordial glasses are also (incorrectly) known as pony glasses; a pony glass is not stemmed, despite holding the same amount of liquid, and is more commonly known as a Shot glass.