What are some personification in Fahrenheit 451?

An example of personification in Fahrenheit 451 is provided in the sentence “The firehouse trembled as a great flight of jet planes whistled a single note across the black morning sky.” Whistling is a human ability that is typically used to intentionally gain someone’s attention.

What is a metaphor in Fahrenheit 451 Part 3?

At the beginning of Part 3, Beatty tells Montag that he, Montag, “wanted to fly near the sun and now . . . he’s burnt his damn wings.” This is a metaphor which alludes to the Greek myth of Icarus. Icarus and his father, Daedalus, built wings out of wax, but Icarus flew too close to the sun, and the wings melted.

What is a metaphor in Fahrenheit 451?

Some metaphors in the book Fahrenheit 451 include comparing society to a “cave” (34), comparing the pages of a burning book to butterflies, and comparing a cold expression to a “mask of ice” (17).

What is the imagery in Fahrenheit 451?

Some examples of imagery in part 1 of Fahrenheit 451 are “Complete darkness, not a hint of the silver world outside, the windows tightly shut, the chamber a tomb-world where no sound from the great city could penetrate” and “With the brass nozzle in his fists the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the …

Why does Bradbury use personification?

Personification occurs when an author gives human qualities to non-human things. Bradbury does this to reflect character emotions, to set the mood, and to give lifelike characteristics to inanimate objects.

Why did Bradbury use personification?

Bradbury is using personification. This is significant because it helps the reader to understand characterization and it also is a clue to the theme. It is evident from early in the story that there are no human characters and through personification Bradbury makes the house the main character of the story.

How did the hound not touch the world?

How did the Hound “not touch the world”? I think the Hound “not touching the world” represents Montag’s guilt. The guilt is not physically touching the world. And, the guilt is silent, yet it builds up and follows you, just like the Hound.

Why does Faber call himself a coward?

Faber refers to the green bullet as proof of his “terrible cowardice.” Overall, Faber considers himself a coward because in his heart he knew that the right thing to do was to challenge the oppressive regime, but he was too afraid to take a stand or undermine the fireman institution.

What does white whispered her dress mean?

Also, “her dress was white and it whispered.” The white represents purity. Clarisse was pure and knew what was right. She knew the society had been getting the ways of life wrong and she tried to change it.

What are themes in Fahrenheit 451?

Themes in Fahrenheit 451

  • Theme #1. Censorship.
  • Theme #4. Role of Technology.
  • Theme #5. Alienation and Dehumanization.
  • Theme #6. Power of Books.
  • Theme #7. Role of Mass Media.
  • Theme #8. Loss of Individuality.
  • Theme #9. Passivity.
  • Theme #10. Religion.

What is Fahrenheit 451 an allegory for?

Bradbury uses the allegory within the book to show that they symbolize each other very well and the world everyone is living in is a ‘cave’ and the world Montag is trying to get to is the ‘exterior’ and the ‘sunlight’. Many things within the allegory are symbolized within the book, even characters.

Why is the addition of Sara Teasdale’s poem ironic?

It is ironic that a poem about human destruction should be her favorite, given that human destruction is exactly what caused her demise. Secondly, by including this poem, Bradbury reinforces the absence of people. In Teasdale’s poem, for example, there are no people, only birds and trees.

What is an example of simile in Fahrenheit 451?

Some examples of simile in Fahrenheit 451 are: Pg 37 “A book lit, almost obediently, like a white pigeon, in his hands, wings fluttering.” Pg 39 “Montag felt the hidden book pound like a heart against his chest.”

What are the metaphors used in Fahrenheit 451?

Quick Answer. Some metaphors in Fahrenheit 451 include comparing society to a “cave” (34), the pages of a burning book to butterflies , and a cold expression to a “mask of ice” (17).

What are some examples of figurative language in Fahrenheit 451?

Bradbury has used different types of figurative language in Fahrenheit 451 such as simile, metaphor, personification, allusion, etc. Here are a few examples of the various figurative languages used in this novel. Similes. Bradbury uses similes in Fahrenheit 451 to enrich a reader’s experience of the novel.

What is the significance of Fahrenheit 451?

Title: Fahrenheit 451 Significance of title: 451 degrees is the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns. This is significant because the “fireman ‘s” job in the book is to burn and incinerate and forbidden books and the houses they were found in.