What are the animals found in polar region?


  • Polar Bear.
  • Whale.
  • Arctic Fox.
  • Arctic Wolf.
  • Pacific Salmon.
  • Brown Bear.
  • Polar Bear.
  • Whale.

What are 5 Arctic animals?

Arctic Animals: The Big 5

  • Polar Bears. The mighty King of the north has to be the most iconic of all Arctic animals and the one thing most people want to see.
  • Narwhal.
  • Walrus.
  • Musk Ox.
  • Beluga.

How many animals are in the polar regions?

Over 5,500 animals live in the Arctic, surviving with thick coats of fur or blubber that have evolved over time to keep them safe and warm in harsh conditions.

What is the largest animal in the Arctic?

Polar bears
Polar bears are the largest living carnivores on Earth at up to 8 feet long and 1,500 pounds. A large draw to the Arctic is of course the iconic polar bear.

Which animal is not found in polar regions?

heat loss is directly propotional to the surface area, small animals hav large suface area relative to their volume, they tend to lose body heat very fast. so they can’t survive in extreme cold region.

Is a penguin an Arctic animal?

Penguins are not arctic animals, but rather live at the South Pole, or Antarctic, and in surrounding areas. There are many types of penguins, some of which even migrate short distances to different breeding or feeding grounds, but for the most part they confine themselves to the southernmost latitudes of the world.

What kind of animals live in the polar regions?

Polar Regions Animals. Arctic Fox. Auk. Caribou. Coati. Coyote.

What kind of animals live in the Arctic?

The top of the Arctic food chain features polar bears and Arctic wolves. Fish-feeders of the Arctic include sea lions, seals, narwhals, walruses, killer whales and whales. The South Pole contains different animals.

Where are the polar regions in the world?

There are two main polar regions in the world, which are the Arctic and the Antarctic. The Arctic Circle and Arctic Tundra are found at the North Pole, and it covers nearly 5 million square miles of the top of the Northern Hemisphere.

Where do animals live at the South Pole?

The Antarctic is the found at the South Pole, and although the animals are very different here, the polar regions are fairly similar places to live. The Arctic is made up of ice floating on the ocean and the Antarctic is a rocky continent covered in ice.