What do you mean by accurate?

1 : free from error especially as the result of care an accurate diagnosis. 2 : conforming exactly to truth or to a standard : exact providing accurate color.

What is accurate and example?

Accuracy refers to the closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value. For example, if in lab you obtain a weight measurement of 3.2 kg for a given substance, but the actual or known weight is 10 kg, then your measurement is not accurate.

What is the use of accurate?

1correct and true in every detail an accurate description/account/calculation accurate information/data Accurate records must be kept. The police are trying to obtain a more accurate picture of crime levels.

What’s an accurate person?

adj. 1 faithfully representing or describing the truth. 2 showing a negligible or permissible deviation from a standard. an accurate ruler. 3 without error; precise; meticulous.

Is accurate and true?

Something that is accurate is exact and true. It’s important to be accurate in the kitchen with your measurements and in the courtroom with your testimony. The adjective accurate comes from the Latin roots ad curare, meaning “to take care,” and that is precisely what you do when you make sure something is accurate.

Why is accuracy so important?

Accuracy is to be ensuring that the information is correct and without any mistake. Information accuracy is important because may the life of people depend in it like the medical information at the hospitals, so the information must be accurate. Also inaccurate information may accrue by typographical mistake. …

What are three 3 forms of accuracy?


  • Document accuracy refers to the proper coverage of your topics in appropriate detail. Often an accurate document needs to focus clearly on a problem.
  • Stylistic accuracy concerns the careful use of language to express meaning.
  • Technical accuracy requires stylistic accuracy but is not based solely on it.

Why so accurate meaning?

“So accurate” means how good something is, usually used in science to talk about results or with math problems. ” It is only so accurate” means that it is not 100% true. ” So accurate” could also mean “wow, that is very good and right” See a translation. 1 like.

What Meridies means?

English Translation. noon. More meanings for meridies. noon noun.

What is another word for not accurate?

inexact, loose; erroneous, wrong, faulty.

What does accurate mean in math?

Accuracy refers to the closeness of the value being measured to the actual measurement of the object, while precision is the consistency of multiple measurements of the same object with each other irrelevant of the actual measurement of the object.

Which is better accuracy or precision?

Accuracy is something you can fix in future measurements. Precision is more important in calculations. When using a measured value in a calculation, you can only be as precise as your least precise measurement.

What is the meaning of the word accurate?

Definition of accurate. 1 : free from error especially as the result of care an accurate diagnosis. 2 : conforming exactly to truth or to a standard : exact providing accurate color.

Is accurate a noun?

accuracy(Noun) The state of being accurate; freedom from mistakes, this exemption arising from carefulness; exactness; nicety; correctness. The value of testimony depends on its accuracy. accuracy(Noun) Exact conformity to truth, or to a rule or model; degree of conformity of a measure to a true or standard value.

What is perfect accuracy?

Certain weapons like the Flux Rifle possess perfect accuracy (an accuracy value of 100) where all of their shots land directly on the reticle regardless of range or fire rate, while other weapons like the Ignis can mostly disregard accuracy as a mechanic due to their unique area-of-effect characteristics, capable of hitting multiple enemies regardless of aim.

What is the definition of accurately?

Definition of accurately. : in an accurate manner : without mistakes or errors It is very difficult to predict the weather accurately. The book’s title does not accurately reflect its subject.