What does Guatemala do for fun?

Outdoor sports are main recreational activities. The most popular are white-water rafting near Acatenango Volcano, kayaking on inland Lake Atitlán and along the Pacific coast, spelunking in the limestone labyrinths of the Petén plateau, and volcano climbing and mountain biking in the sierras above Antigua Guatemala.

Can you use US dollars in Guatemala?

The US dollar is by far the most widely accepted foreign currency in Guatemala; that said, it is not a semi-official one, and you can’t get by with a fistful of greenbacks and no quetzals. Euros and other foreign currencies are tricky to cash; try foreign-owned hotels or stores.

What are some fun things to do in Guatemala?

Cultural activities include visiting Mayan ruins, touring historic sites, and perusing some of the country’s colorful local markets. There are national parks and reserves that are great for hiking or bird watching. River rafting is popular in some areas, and some of Guatemala’s coastline lends itself towards swimming, snorkeling, and fishing.

What are the best things to know about Guatemala?

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Antigua, Guatemala The locals are obsessed with fireworks. The people are incredibly friendly. You’ll need to be careful on the streets. It produces some of the best coffee in the world. You can hike up active volcanoes. It’s the best place to learn Spanish. The markets are utterly fascinating. You need to be respectful with your camera. It’s heaven for chocoholics.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Guatemala?

1. Tikal. Situated in the lowland rainforest of northern Guatemala, Tikal is one of the top tourist attractions in Guatemala due to its beauty and ancient wonders. The name Tikal translates as “Place of Voices” (sometimes, “Place of Tongues”) and once boasted a bustling population of a quarter million or more.

What are some famous sites in Guatemala?

Tikal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in northern Guatemala. It houses the largest excavated site on the North American continent, a well-preserved complex of Mayan step pyramids and hieroglyphic carvings covering several square miles. Tikal National Park also helps preserve a large swath of rain forest habitat,…