What happened to the Olsens on Full House?

In the end, they didn’t — although the show reportedly had tried to convince them to appear in the second and third seasons. The general consensus was that the Olsens had long retired from acting and were not interested in returning to the industry for the spin-off show.

Did Full House cast get along?

Undermining every ounce of moral capital generated by the Season 3 episode “Just Say No Way,” the adult cast members were no strangers to getting high on set. Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos were close friends who got into their fair share of trouble between takes.

When did the Olsen twins start smoking cigarettes?

In another 2007 interview with New York Mag about their then-burgeoning fashion career, Ashley arrives and within seconds of sitting down, lights up a Parliament Light . By 2005, the Olsens were such notorious smokers that magazines could identify their chosen brand.

Where did Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen smoke cigarettes?

No joke, two years after the New York City smoking ban was instated, Mary-Kate was said to have been smoking in the girls’ room. A witness told New York Daily News, “Mary-Kate and Ashley get up in the middle of dinner and walk in, and Mary-Kate is saying she wants a cigarette.

What was the real story of the Olsen twins?

Untrue rumors floated around about a cocaine addiction, noting the star’s stark thinness and the habitual rumors of hard-partying that surrounded her. Even the Olsens themselves poked fun at Mary-Kate’s weight, playing paparazzi in an episode of Saturday Night Live and shouting, “You’re so skinny.

Why did the Olsen twins lose their Range Rover?

People reports that the Olsen family first tried to “motivate” the star “to eat” following “a minor car accident about a year and a half “prior. They reportedly confiscated her Range Rover, telling her she needed to ” [gain] some weight” to get it back.