What happens if you save Elliot in Fable 3?

If the princess chooses to have the crowd leaders killed instead, Elliot will tell her that it should be him instead. If the Hero takes too long to choose, then Logan will keep his word and has them all killed. If spared, Elliot will be taken away and will not be seen again for some time.

Can you marry Elise in Fable 3?

If you choose to tell her to come back to you, she will tell Laszlo she loves him, but after three in-game days, she appears outside the orphanage/brothel, in the quest “A Lost Romance”, in which you must marry her. It doesn’t affect on gameplay, except that she will be your wife.

How do you adopt a child in Fable 3?

The orphanage is in the same building where the Kidnapped Side Quest begins in Bowerstone Industrial’s side streets. Walk all the way to the rear of the orphanage and make a right. Here you’ll find a room full of kids in front of beds. You can adopt one for 500G.

Is there a hammer in Fable 3?

Hammer’s Hammer, The Absolver, appears in Fable III as a Pre-Order incentive from Walmart and GameUK. In Fable III, Hammer is mentioned in the book The Pangs of Sunset.

What happens if you don’t choose Fable 3?

Lack of a decision will result in the deaths of all (Logan will warn you before this happens). Despite which choice you make, you turn on your brother and swear never to forgive him. Logan, seeing his ultimatum worked replies “Good, then you will never forget it.”

Does your kid grow up in Fable 3?

In Fable III, if a spouse is divorced or killed while a baby is present, it will be sent to The Orphanage where it will automatically age to childhood.

How many wives can you have in Fable 3?

The only restriction is you can only have one spouse per property you own in a city. That said, if you have more than one marriage in the same city, all spouses you have in that city will be quickly looking for a divorce.

Can you have kids with another player in Fable 3?

Have a child with another Xbox LIVE player. To unlock this, the instigator of sex requires both the “Family Pack” & “Landlord Pack” from the Road to Rule. You need to have sex in the Marital Home with the other player to have a child.

Why is Reaver still alive in Fable 3?

He is blessed with eternal youth and often remarks on periods of time which he has lived in. His immortality comes from a deal he made with the Shadow Judges in the Shadow Court.

What is the strongest sword in Fable 3?

Beadle’s Cutlass – Called ‘the greatest weapon ever made’ by its creator, Barnaby Beadle. Weapon experts agree that this is an exaggeration, and that it is in fact the 28th best weapon ever made.

Where do you find Elise and Elliot in Fable?

Elise/Elliot may not be found in the front of the orphanage or in the pub. Instead, they will not be able to be found in the game, although the quest marker will still be shown on the map. There may be two Elise/Elliots. When the quest says to marry them, it may not show to marry them.

Where do you find Elliot in a lost romance?

This quest does not appear in the quest list. To find the quest, you can find Elise/Elliot in front of the orphanage/brothel in Bowerstone Industrial. If Elise/Elliot are not found in front of the orphanage, they may be found in The Riveter’s Rest.

Is there a lost romance quest in Fable 3?

A Lost Romance is a quest in Fable III. Around three days after completing the Kidnapped quest (if you chose Elise / Elliot to live in the start of the game), you are able to get back Elise/Elliot if you told them to dump Laszlo / Linda. If you let them stay together, then the quest will not happen.

Where is the treasure room in Fable 3?

Gold, achievements and trophies are all stored within the Treasure Room. From this room you can access LIVE features. You can access your friends list, invite other players into your game, join someone else’s game and browse items available for download through the online store.