What is a grade in wooden flooring?

The grade of the timber in general, refers to the number of knots, sap wood and “imperfections” that the particular wooden flooring product (plank or parquet) would allow.

What is a grade flooring?

“The grading scale is a measure of what is known as “Character” markings or natural characteristics, e.g., variation in color from board to board, mineral streaks, presence of knots or worm holes; but they also reference average board length, milling imperfections, and other irregularities.

What are the grades of hardwoods?

The primary grades include Superior (Select & Better), Cabinet (No. 1 Common) and Frame (No. 2 Common) which are similar to the uses as for the standard NHLA grades. An exceptional cabinet grade would be wood typically sold surfaced (planed) and often cut to specific lengths and widths.

What is value grade hardwood flooring?

VALUE GRADE wood is known for an extreme rustic look. VALUE GRADE wood may contain mineral streaks, short boards, worm holes, missing tongues, knots or knot holes, and some manufacturing imperfections in the boards.

What is the best grade of hardwood?

What Does a Lumber Grade Mean? Grades are based on the amount of usable clear material in a board. The highest grade boards are FAS and Select, followed by #1 Common and #2 Common.

What is natural grade hardwood flooring?

A natural grade floor is one that is made from many different grades of wood, which means that it will more closely mimic the natural state of the wood. Explaining the Wood Grades. Wood flooring tends to come in four different grades. Clear grade is the finest and most uniform grade of wood.

What is the highest grade of hardwood?

There are eight hardwood lumber grades in widespread use at this time. FAS is the highest and No 3B Common is the lowest grade.

What is the best grade of wood flooring?

Prime Grade
Prime Grade is the highest grade of wood flooring. It is also often described as AB-high grade. Cut from the centre of the log, this grade of wood is uniform in its appearance and has very few knots. If this quality of wood grade does contain knots, they tend to be small and unobtrusive.

What size is the highest grade of hardwood?

Lumber Grades

  • FAS (First and Second) is the highest grade of hardwood lumber. It’s usually 6-inches x 8-inches and is 83 percent defect-free on its best side.
  • Select is 4-inches x 6-inches and 83 percent defect free on its best side.
  • No. 1 Common is 3-inches x 4-inches and 66 perfect defect free on its best side.
  • No.

What are the grades of oak flooring?

For oak flooring, there are 3 main grades: select, Number 1 common and Number 2 common. Select grade is generally considered the highest grade as it has the least color variation. It costs the more.

What is the highest grade of softwood you can purchase?

Select Appearance Lumber: Grades A-D Select appearance lumber is the highest quality softwood for exposed applications where looks matter. It’s divided into four grades, A-D.

What is 1st quality hardwood?

(1st) First Quality Hardwood Grading We can offer Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, and Hickory hardwood floors as a high-graded product in a multitude of colors and widths, all at a great price, not in spite of all of our other grades, but because of it.

How is the grade of hardwood lumber determined?

The basic concept of grading is that the grade of all lumber is determined from the poorest face or side of the lumber, with a few cases considering the better face as well. Lumber thickness (4/4, 6/4, etc.) is not considered when grading hardwood; the grades are based on the two faces alone. A brief description of the basic grades are:

Why are there different grades of wood flooring?

The grading of lumber actually refers to the appearance of the individual planks and what part of the tree it is taken from, so it’s mostly aesthetics. (mostly) Keep in mind that wood is a natural material and no matter what grade you choose, there will always be some variation in color and texture from specie-to-specie, and even from tree-to-tree.

What does cover grade mean on hardwood flooring?

‘Cover Grade’ ‘Utility Grade’ or ‘Fall down’ are names often given to material that does not meet the grading requirements of AS 2796. They were names given when it was common in the past to lay a timber floor and have it ‘covered’ with carpet or other floor covering.

What’s the difference between A and B grade wood?

B-grade hardwood lumber grading comes many times together with the A-grading. A-Grade: The hardwood lumber grading with a minimum of eyes and defects. Although eyes are allowed not more than 2 per board with an average size of 4 cm. In this A-grade, one will find boards with also zero eyes or knots.