What is the sum of your total surroundings?

environment – the sum of your surroundings.

Is the sum of your surroundings *?

Match the vocabulary words from our Personal Wellness Unit with their definitions….Personal Wellness Vocabulary.

environment sum of your surroundings
peers people of the same age who share similar interests
culture collective beliefs, customs, & behaviors of a group

What are 3 environments that are a sum of your surroundings?

The sum total of your surroundings- your family, where you grew up, where you live now, and all your experiences. The combination of your physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being.

What is the sum of environment?

Environment: The sum of the total of the elements, factors and conditions in the surroundings which may have an impact on the development, action or survival of an organism or group of organisms.

What are the 3 ways you can evaluate a risk factor?

There are three ways you can evaluate a risk factor. Consider both short- and long-term consequences. Decide whether you can control the risk factor. Analyze the possible benefits and risks of a decision.

What are the top 5 influences on your health?

Health is influenced by many factors, which may generally be organized into five broad categories known as determinants of health: genetics, behavior, environmental and physical influences, medical care and social factors. These five categories are interconnected.

What are the three components of health?

There are 3 major areas of the health triangle: physical, mental and social.

  • Good decision making and healthy choices reduce the risk of disease and increase health overall.
  • Is the voluntarily choosing not to do something?

    Abstinence is voluntarily choosing not to do something.

    What are the top five influences on your health?

    Terms in this set (8)

    • Heredity. all the traits that are passed biologically from parent to child (DNA)
    • Physical Environment. all the physical and social conditions that surround a person.
    • Social Environment. the people you spend time with.
    • Culture.
    • Media.
    • Technology.
    • Healthcare.
    • Behavior.

    What are the 7 types of pollution?

    The 7 Different Types of Pollution Explained

    • Water Pollution.
    • Air Pollution.
    • Soil Pollution.
    • Thermal Pollution.
    • Radioactive Pollution.
    • Noise Pollution.
    • Light Pollution.

    Are humans part of the environment?

    Humans are part of the environment, they live in it, from it and with it. All these interactions shape our natural world. This is especially true in the Mediterranean, where human activities have shaped local landscapes for thousands of years, creating characteristic ecological heterogeneity and biodiversity patterns.