What is Topper return?

Gail (Joan Blondell) and Ann (Carole Landis) are making their way to Ann’s family estate and are forced by circumstance to hitch a ride with Cosmo Topper (Roland Young), a dithering banker, and his wife, Clara (Billie Burke). Gail finds the mansion plenty spooky but is even more dismayed when she is killed by a frightening costumed figure. Her ghost reaches out to Topper, who is inexplicably sensitive to the spirit world, and they bumble along together to solve her murder.
Topper Returns/Film synopsis

How many Topper movies did they make?

This was the second of a 3-film series, coming after TOPPER (1937) and followed by TOPPER RETURNS (1941).

What sound it’s the waves Topper Returns?

Ann Carrington : What’s that sound? Lillian : It’s the waves. Angry waves. Day after day, night after night, they beat with savage fury against the black rocks below.

How do I stream topper?

You are able to stream Topper for free on Tubi.

What kind of car did Topper have in Topper Returns?

According to the Internet Movie Car Database, Cosmo Topper who if one remembers, always had an eye for special automobiles, had Eddie driving his 1936 Mercedes SSK throughout the film. This was an exotic (and expensive) car from the era.

Who was the killer in Topper Returns?

The body is returned to the mansion and, despite the comic total confusion of the detective, Topper states that the killer must have been the person who was standing nearest the fireplace when Lillian was about to talk, and that person was none other than . . . Mr. Carrington!

Is Topper a nickname?

Topper is a nickname. Notable people with the nickname include: Topper Clemons (born 1963), American football player.

What is a topper slang?

British Slang. an excellent or well-liked person or thing.

Was there a TV show called Topper?

Topper is an American fantasy sitcom television series based on the 1937 film Topper, which was based on two novels Topper and Topper Takes a Trip by Thorne Smith. The series was broadcast on CBS from October 9, 1953, to July 15, 1955, and stars Leo G. Carroll in the title role.

Does Netflix have topper?

Watch Topper Takes a Trip on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

What was the car in the Topper movie?

As for Topper’s car, it was indeed at the time the most famous movie car ever to hit the screen. It was actually a 1936 Buick Chrysler yes, a combination of the two cars built by Pasadena Coachbuilders Bohman and Schwartz.

What happened to the topper car?

After a few more updates, including rear tail fins and a new front end design, the car was purchased by Jim Brucker as part of his “Movie World: Cars of the Stars” collection in Buena Park, California. The car was then auctioned off in 2006 by RM Auctions/Sotheby’s when Movie World closed.

Who is the director of the movie Topper Returns?

Topper Returns is a 1941 film directed by Roy Del Ruth.

What happens at the end of Topper Returns?

When Mrs. Topper calls the police to report her “missing husband” she uses the same phone that Mr. Topper tried to use earlier. The phone is supposed to be out of order, yet the call goes through and the police arrive to investigate.

How many seasons was the TV show Topper?

A TV series, Topper, premiered in 1953 and ran for two seasons. A pilot called Topper Returns (1973) was later made for a proposed TV series. There was also a made-for-TV remake, Topper, in 1979.

Who are the main characters in Topper Returns?

As in the prior films, Roland Young plays Cosmo Topper, a mousy banker who gets into trouble because of his ability to see and speak with ghosts, and Billie Burke plays his wife, who is constantly befuddled by his strange antics. The plot revolves around a murder mystery.