What is Vicente Fernandez most famous song?

Volver, Volver
Off of his 1972 album, ¡Arriba Huentitán!, “Volver, Volver” is Vicente Fernandez’s biggest hit. All you have to do is hear those two words to instantly sing along at the top of your lungs. It is an iconic song about wanting to return to a relationship.

How much does Vicente Fernandez charge?

Being in attendance at a live concert can start at around the $32 range. Vicente Fernandez ticket prices will fluctuate. Admission to a show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California can start at around $59 and a seat at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California can begin in the $90 range.

What was Vicente Fernandez first song?

In summer 1966, Fernández signed with CBS México (now Sony Music) and recorded his first hits: “Tu Camino y El Mío,” “Perdóname” and “Cantina del Barrio.” Fernández’s recording career had begun. Other hits followed, including “Soy de Abajo,” “Ni en Defensa Propia” and “Palabra de Rey.”

What is Vicente Fernandez most famous album?

The best album credited to Vicente Fernandez is Un Azteca En El Azteca which is ranked number 62,868 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 5. Vicente Fernandez is ranked number 26,348 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 5.

What is a ranchera song?

Ranchera songs are characterized by dramatic emotion and topics of love dominate poetic lyrics. Sentimental ranchera singers, their voices charged with a contagious emotion, are often capable of moving to tears even their most hardened listeners.

How old is Vicente?

81 years (February 17, 1940)
Vicente Fernández/Age
For more than half a century, Vicente Fernandez has provided the soundtrack for Mexican life to nearly every corner of the Spanish-speaking world. The 81-year-old royal of ranchera music has been hospitalized for more than two months.

How do I meet Vicente Fernandez?

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How do I book Vicente Fernandez?

How can I book Vicente Fernandez? You can hire and book Vicente Fernandez by contacting the official agent of Vicente Fernandez. Vicente Fernandez agent will be able to provide you with availability and pricing. You can get the contact details for Vicente Fernandez agent in our database.

How old is Vicente Fernandez now?

How old is Alejandro Fernandez?

50 years (April 24, 1971)
Alejandro Fernández/Age

What are the four ranchera styles?

Songs are usually in a major key, and consist of an instrumental introduction, verse and refrain, instrumental section repeating the verse, and another verse and refrain, with a tag ending.

Is mariachi a ranchera?

Mariachis play many different types of music, although the style is closely tied to ranchera music. By the early 20th century, mariachi previously known only through their various regional styles began to coalesce into a uniform musical genre, one that became recognizable throughout all of Mexico.

How many albums does Vicente Fernandez have recorded?

Fernández has recorded more than 50 albums in 35 years and claims to have recorded 300 more songs, making another 30 albums possible even if he retires.

Who are the children of singer Vicente Fernandez?

He has four children named Alejandra, Alejandro, Gerardo, and Vicente. He is the father of successful Latin artist Alejandro Fernandez.

When did Vicente Fernandez become a Mexican singer?

It was into this profound artistic void that Fernández stepped in 1966. For more than 40 years, Vicente Fernández has maintained his standing as Mexico’s greatest living singer, coupling an operatic range with a deep understanding of ranchera music’s rural roots.

How old was Vincente Fernandez when he started playing guitar?

He first picked up a guitar when he was eight years old. He released his first album, entitled La Voz Que Usted Esperaba, in 1967. He released Los 2 Vicentes, a duet album with his son Vincente Fernandez Jr., in 2012. He married María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor in 1963.