What kind of name is Tallchief?

Tallchief is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Maria Tallchief (1925–2013), American ballerina. Marjorie Tallchief (born 1927), American ballerina.

Did Maria Tallchief go to college?

Beverly Hills High School
Beverly Vista Middle School
Maria Tallchief/Education

Following her graduation from Beverly Hills High School in 1942, it was apparent that ballet would be Tallchief’s life. Instead of college she joined the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, a highly acclaimed Russian ballet troupe based in New York City.

How was Maria Tallchief a trailblazer?

Tallchief, who was born in Oklahoma but grew up in Beverly Hills, made a name for herself with her elegance and precise footwork. She is credited as a trailblazer for being a prominent Native American in ballet scene dominated by Russians and Europeans.

Was Maria Tallchief the first Native American ballerina?

One of the most celebrated Native American women of the 20th century, Tallchief was the first American dancer in the history of ballet to earn international fame. Her father, Alexander Tallchief, was a member of the Osage tribe and her mother, Ruth Porter, was a woman of Scots-Irish heritage.

What state does Maria Tallchief live in?

Maria Tallchief, a daughter of an Oklahoma oil family who grew up on an Indian reservation, found her way to New York and became one of the most brilliant American ballerinas of the 20th century, died on Thursday in Chicago. She was 88. Her daughter, the poet Elise Paschen, confirmed the death. Ms. Tallchief lived in Chicago.

Why was Maria Tallchief important?

Maria Tallchief was a revolutionary American ballerina who broke barriers for Native American women. Born on January 24, 1925 in Fairfax, Oklahoma, Maria Tallchief was the first Native American ( Osage Tribe ) woman to break into ballet. Tallchief grew up in Los Angeles, California, where she studied ballet for many years.

What ballets did Maria tallcheif star in?

Ms. Tallchief originated roles as the lead dancer in Balanchine’s ballet “The Firebird” in 1949 and in “Swan Lake” in 1951, along with such works as “Symphony in C,” “Orpheus” and “Scotch Symphony.”

What tribe is Maria Tallchief in?

Maria Tallchief is the woman who is regarded as the revolutionary American ballerina and broke barriers for the women in the Osage tribe.