What type of volcano has a gentle eruption?

shield volcano
Where a volcano produces low viscosity, runny lava, it spreads far from the source and forms a volcano with gentle slopes: a shield volcano. Most shield volcanoes are formed from fluid, basaltic lava flows. Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are shield volcanoes.

What type of volcano has the steepest sides?

Stratovolcano. This is the steepest type of volcano. It is made up of layers of ash and lava. The lava cools and hardens quickly before spreading very far, and so produces steep sides.

Why do some volcanoes have steep sides and others have gentle sides?

This is because they are formed by alternating layers (strata) of magma and ash (Figure below). The magma that creates composite volcanoes tends to be thick. The steep sides form because the lava cannot flow too far from the vent.

Which type of volcano has a steep slope and a wide crater?

Composite Volcano
Strato-volcano or Composite Volcano These volcanoes have broad bases and sides that get steeper and steeper as you get closer to the top. They frequently have a large crater at the top created during its last eruption.

What would a non explosive eruption look like?

Non-explosive type eruptions mostly produce various types of lava, such as a’a, pāhoehoe and pillow lavas. Some signs that a volcano may soon erupt include earthquakes, surface bulging, gases emitted as well as other changes that can be monitored by scientists.

What are the 7 types of volcano?

What are the Different Types of Volcanoes?

  • Cinder Cone Volcanoes: These are the simplest type of volcano.
  • Composite Volcanoes: Composite volcanoes, or stratovolcanoes make up some of the world’s most memorable mountains: Mount Rainier, Mount Fuji, and Mount Cotopaxi, for example.
  • Shield Volcanoes:
  • Lava Domes:

What is the safest type of volcano?

Shield volcanoes are common at spreading centers or intraplate hot spots. The lava that creates shield volcanoes is fluid and flows easily and creates the shield shape. Shield volcanoes are built by many layers over time and the layers are usually of very similar composition.

What are the 3 main types of volcano?

There are three types of volcanoes: cinder cones (also called spatter cones), composite volcanoes (also called stratovolcanoes), and shield volcanoes. Figure 11.22 illustrates the size and shape differences amongst these volcanoes.

What is the 22 active volcanoes in the Philippines?

Volcanoes of the Philippines

Item No. Name of Volcano Province
19 Musuan (Calayo) Bukidnon in Mindanao
20 Parker South Cotobato/General Santos/ North Cotabato/Sarangani Provinces in Mindanao
21 Pinatubo Boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales in Luzon
22 Ragang Lanao del Sur and Cotobato in Mindanao

How many craters does Taal volcano have?

The island consists of different overlapping cones and craters, of which forty-seven have been identified. Twenty six of these are tuff cones, five are cinder cones, and four are maars.

What are the 3 types of volcano?

What happens to a non-explosive eruption?

Non-explosive volcanic eruptions generally occur when magma is thin and flows easily. Lava flows out of the volcano, rather than blocking the vent, and little or no gas forms inside the volcano. The lava simply pours out and flows over the ground like a river.

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What kind of volcano has steep sides and steep sides?

Acidic lava, which is very viscous (sticky). Steep sides as the lava doesn’t flow very far before it solidifies. Alternate layers of ash and lava. For this reason, they’re also known as stratovolcanoes. Strato means layers.