What words have sci in it?


  • fascinating.
  • disciplined.
  • unconscious.
  • fascination.
  • oscillation.
  • resuscitate.
  • scintillate.
  • scissortail.

What are words that start with sci?

8-letter words that start with sci

  • sciatica.
  • scimitar.
  • scission.
  • scirocco.
  • scilicet.
  • scissile.
  • scissure.
  • scirrhus.

What does sci mean?

Sensitive compartmented information
Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) is a type of United States classified information concerning or derived from sensitive intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes.

What does the Greek word sci mean?

In the word science, for example, the root sci means “knowledge.” Root. Meaning. Root.

What is a verb that starts with SCI?

Verbs that start with s and contain sci

  • science.
  • scintillate.
  • scise.
  • scissor.
  • suscitate.

What does SCI stand for in government?

Sensitive Compartmented Information
SCI stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information and SAP stands for Special Access Program. Security clearance levels come with different investigations and different challenges. As the name says some information is segregated into compartments and can only be accessed by people who are “read on” to the program.

What is a adverb for SCI?

sciatically. scienter. scientifically. scilicet.

How SCI is marked?

It is determined based on eligibility provided adjudication of a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) and possibly a polygraph depending on the requirements. SCI is a classification based on intelligence information that requires appropriate protection with a specific control system.

What does TS SCI stand for?

Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information
Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Clearance. Most TTS employees hold moderate risk Public Trust positions. However, for certain projects, partners need TTS employees to have access to classified national security information.

What does Aqua mean in Greek?

They hail from Greek (hydro) and Latin (aqua) and mean “water”.

What does the Greek word terra mean?

Latin and Greek are the source of many root words in English. Geo comes from the Latin word meaning “earth” or “ground.” Terra/terr/ter are from another Latin word meaning “earth” or “land.” When combined with a suffix or another root word, geo and terra/terr/ter become common English words.

What is a verb that has SCI in it?

What are some sci words?

14-letter words that start with sci. scientifically. scintillometer. scintigraphies. scintillations. scintillascope. scientometrics.

What does the root Sol mean?

The name Sol is of Latin origin. The meaning of Sol is “sun”. Sol is generally used as a boy’s name.

What is the root word of scientific?

In English, science came from Old French, meaning knowledge, learning, application, and a corpus of human knowledge. It originally came from the Latin word scientia which meant knowledge, a knowing, expertness, or experience.