When did racing start at Bathurst?

In 1987 it was a round of the World Touring Car Championship. Widely regarded as the most important motorsport event in Australia, the Bathurst 1000 is colloquially known as The Great Race among motorsport fans and media….Bathurst 1000.

First held 1960
Race Format
Race 1
Laps 161
Distance 1,000 km

Will there be a Bathurst in 2021?

WHEN IS THE 2021 BATHURST 1000? This year’s Bathurst 1000 will take place on Sunday, December 5th at Mount Panorama. It will be the 64th running of the famous race, and the first time it will ever be held in December.

When did racing start at Mt Panorama?

16 April 1938
On 16 April 1938, Mount Panorama attracted an overwhelming 20,000 spectators to its first race, The Australian Tourist Trophy.

Who died at Bathurst 1000?

The track has known for a number of racing deaths that total, in all, seventeen, The first being Jack Johnson on 17th April 1949 and the last being Mark Porter on the 8th October 2006. Of those deaths, three are associated with the Bathurst 1000 (Mike Burgman 1986; Denny Hulme 1992 [see above] and Don Watson 1994).

When did Conrod Straight change?

The most noticeable change to the track was in 1987 with the introduction of the Chase, a section of track inserted in Conrod Straight. This section created a sweeping right hand turn before a sharp left and right combination in order to slow down competitors.

Will there be v8 Supercars in 2021?

The 2021 Repco Supercars Championship will resume under lights in October at Sydney Motorsport Park. The Sydney venue will host the first racing action since July’s WD-40 Townsville SuperSprint.

How much does it cost to go to Bathurst?

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STANDARD ENTRY Adults Family Group of 4****
SINGLE DAY (Full Price) $27.00 $54.00
ALL SHOW (Full Price) $54.00 $108.00
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How big is the race track at Bathurst?

Mount Panorama, Bathurst is a 6.2km circuit and features 23 corners. The Track. Mount Panaroma, Bathurst is the king of Australian motorsport tracks and is named #5 best race track around the world!

When is the soldiers saddle race at Bathurst?

There location is Eleven Mile Drive, Bathurst, New South Wales 2795. Bathurst Racecourse is operated by the Bathurst Turf Club inc and hosts 14 meetings per year with the Soldiers Saddle Race run on Anzac Day and The Bathurst Cup is run in mid-February, usually on a Sunday.

Is the Bathurst 500 part of the touring car championship?

In its early years, the Bathurst 500/1000 was generally a stand-alone event, occasionally becoming a round of a national series such as the Australian Manufacturers’ Championship, but never part of the most significant touring car series in Australia, the Australian Touring Car Championship.

What was the length of the Bathurst circuit in 1963?

The Bathurst circuit is one of the most extreme in the world. Throughout most of the year it’s a public road. Its length in 1963 was 6.13km. Since 1987, its been 6.21km. The vertical difference between its lowest and highest points is 174 meters.