When did Terry Scott die?

July 26, 1994
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Owen John Scott (Terry Scott), actor: born Watford, Hertfordshire 4 May 1927; married 1949 Mary Howard (one son deceased; marriage dissolved), 1957 Margaret Peden (four daughters); died Godalming, Surrey 26 July 1994.

What happened to Terry Scott?

Scott was also diagnosed with cancer in 1987. He died from its effects at his family home in the village of Witley, in the county of Surrey, on 26 July 1994, at the age of 67. He said of his last illness: “I know it would be better to give up the booze, fags and birds, but life would be so boring, wouldn’t it?”.

What did Terry Scott die of?

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How old is Terry Scott?

67 years (1927–1994)
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Did Terry and June have children?

Plot. The series starts as middle-class couple Terry and June Medford prepare to move into 26 Elmtree Avenue in Purley, Surrey. They are in their late-40s, and have a daughter named Wendy, who is married to Roger; both are rarely seen.

How did Peter Butterworth die?

Heart attack
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Brown’s husband Peter Butterworth died when he suffered a heart attack following a pantomime in 1979, aged 59; she also experienced the tragic loss of her daughter Emma in 1996, at the age of 34.

Who was Terry Scott married to?

Margaret Pedenm. 1957–1994
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Why did Terry end June?

This was commissioned into a series of the same name, and five series and two Christmas specials were broadcast, ending on 25 April 1979. John T. Chapman, one of the original writers, said that the programme had run out of ideas and had to come to an end.

What was Terry and Junes surname?

Terry Scott and June Whitfield appeared as Terry and June Medford on 24 October 1979, in the first episode of Terry and June.

Is Peter Butterworth still alive?

Deceased (1915–1979)
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Who is Peter Butterworth son?

Tyler Butterworth
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Personal life and death They had two children: Their son, Tyler Butterworth, also became an actor and is married to the actress Janet Dibley.

Who sang Bruvver?

Terry Scott
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How old was Terry Scott when he died?

Terry Scott (I) (1927–1994) A brilliant comic actor Terry Scott was one of the most familiar faces on British television in the 1960s and 70s.

Who was Terry Scott in seven Carry On?

Find sources: “Terry Scott” – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (October 2018) Owen John “Terry” Scott (4 May 1927 – 26 July 1994) was an English actor and comedian who appeared in seven Carry On films. He also appeared in BBC1’s domestic sitcom Terry and June with June Whitfield.

When did Terry Scott’s my Brother come out?

Scott’s novelty record “My Brother” (written by Mitch Murray, released in 1962 on Parlophone) was based on a schoolboy character (he dressed in the uniform to sing it on TV). In the 1970s, he had a role in TV commercials for Curly Wurly caramel bars, in which he again appeared dressed as a schoolboy, with short trousers and cap.

Where did Terry Scott go to high school?

Scott was born and brought up in Watford, Hertfordshire and educated at Watford Field Junior School and Watford Grammar School for Boys. He was the youngest of three children, and the only surviving son after his brother Aubrey died when Scott was six.