Where did Mary Kingsley go in 1895?

She was one of the first European explorers to travel to some remote parts of Gabon in West Africa. From December 1894 to November 1895 Mary Kingsley traveled alone to the port of Calabar (now Nigeria), to Gabon, and to Cameroon.

When did Mary Kingsley climb Mount Cameroon?

In 1895, Mary Kingsley became the first woman to climb Mount Cameroon, although she had to ask herself now and again: Why did I come to Africa?

What did Mary Kingsley die from?

Typhoid fever
Mary Kingsley/Cause of death
Mary Kingsley died in South Africa from suspected typhoid whilst tending to Boer Prisoners of War, aged just 38.

How long was Mary Kingsley in Africa?

On her first trip, Kingsley spent five months in Africa, studying wildlife in the vast mangrove swamps, and studying tribal religions. She returned with a collection of beetles and exotic fish, and the knowledge that she had found her life’s work.

How old was Mary Kingsley when she died?

37 years (1862–1900)
Mary Kingsley/Age at death

What is Mary Kingsley famous for?

Mary Henrietta Kingsley, (born October 13, 1862, London, England—died June 3, 1900, Simonstown, near Cape Town, Cape Colony [now in South Africa]), English traveler who, disregarding the conventions of her time, journeyed through western and equatorial Africa and became the first European to enter parts of Gabon.

What countries did Mary Kingsley visit?

She went from the Canary Islands to Sierra Leone and on to Gabon, and traveled up the Ogowé (now the Ogooué) River; first by steamboat, and then by canoe. She was the first European to visit remote parts of Gabon and the French Congo. Kingsley visited the Fang tribe, who had a reputation for fierceness and cannibalism.

What impact did Mary Kingsley have on people and places?

Legacy. Kingsley’s tales and opinions of life in Africa helped draw attention to British imperial agendas abroad and the native customs of African people that were previously little discussed and misunderstood by the European people.

Who was Mary Kingsley and what did she do?

Mary was born on 17 October 1862 to Mary Bailey and George Kingsley. She came from a family of writers for although her father was a doctor by training working for George Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and other members of the aristocracy, George also wrote about anthropology and was writing a book about African culture when he died.

When did Mary Kingsley first come to Africa?

Facts about Mary Kingsley 10: arriving to Africa On August 17th, 1893, she arrived in Sierra Leone. Then she went to Luanda, Angola. The African people taught her on how to survive in the jungles.

How old was Mary Henrietta Kingsley when she died?

(December 2018) Mary Henrietta Kingsley (13 October 1862 – 3 June 1900) was an English ethnographer, scientific writer, and explorer whose travels throughout West Africa and resulting work helped shape European perceptions of African cultures and British imperialism .

Who are the parents of Mary Kingsley of Spartacus?

Mary Kingsley. Mary Kingsley, the daughter of George Kingsley and Mary Bailey, and the niece of Charles Kingsley, was born in Islington in 1862.