Where is fantasy factory located?

Los Angeles
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory in Los Angeles, California. As well as functioning as the set for skateboarder Rob Dyrdek’s MTV reality show of the same name, the Fantasy Factory also features office space for Rob Dyrdek and his brother’s various businesses.

Who died from Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory?

Christopher “Big Black” Boykin was a part of the MTV series Rob & Big from 2006 to 2008 died at the age of 45 in May 2017.

Why did Rob Close Fantasy Factory?

Overall, Dyrdek said that working in reality TV just took too much out of him. He wanted to put all that time toward his other professional interests; eventually, he realized he was simply spreading himself too thin, and he needed to narrow his focus a bit.

What is Chanel West Coast name?

Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Chanel West Coast/Full name

Was Rob Dyrdek a good skater?

Kettering, Ohio, U.S. Robert Stanley Dyrdek (born June 28, 1974) is an American entrepreneur, actor, producer, reality TV personality, and former professional skateboarder. In 2014, Dyrdek was labeled as one of the “most influential skateboarders of all-time” by FoxWeekly.

What does Rob Dyrdek do in his office?

The Fantasy Factory that Rob Dyrdek turned into his office holds more than just desks and computers. There’s also a foam pit, a trampoline, a giant skateboard, and sometimes even caged tigers (as you do).

How many seasons of Fantasy Factory has Rob Dyrdek done?

“It’s been an honor to do it over the years,” Dyrdek told Guinness World Records in 2014. Though most of these records have been made with a skateboard in hand, the adventurous star has done some pretty crazy things that fans could see throughout seven seasons of his reality show, Fantasy Factory.

How did Chanel West Coast and Rob Dyrdek get together?

The series clearly sparked both a friendship and business relationship between Chanel West Coast and Dyrdek, because they continued to work together on Ridiculousness , which has featured funny, silly, and over-the-top videos from the Internet. The show premiered in 2011, when West Coast was at the height of her fame from Fantasy Factory.

Who is Rob Dyrdek married to in real life?

On Ridiculousness, West Coast and Dyrdek often razz one another. In fact, Dyrdek often teases West Coast with jokes that have a sexual innuendo, though the two are not dating in real life (Dyrdek has been happily married to Briyana Noelle Flores since 2015).