Who are the past coaches of the Chicago Bulls?

Billy Donovan
Chicago Bulls/Head coaches

Who was the former Bulls coach?

Boylen served as the Bulls’ head coach for 123 games spanning parts of two seasons, amassing a record of 39-84, but was fired in August 2020 by the team’s new front office regime led by Artūras Karnišovas.

What coaches did Michael Jordan play for?

Michael Jordan:

  • Clifton (Pop) Harring – 1979-1981 High School.
  • Dean Smith – 1981-1984 UNC.
  • Bob Knight – 1984 Olympics.
  • Kevin Lougherty – Chicago Bulls 1984-1985.
  • Stan Albeck – Chicago Bulls 1985-1986.
  • Doug Collins – Chicago Bulls 1986-1989.
  • Phil Jackson – Chicago Bulls 1989-1998.
  • Chuck Daly – 1992 Olympics “Dream Team”

Who replaced Phil Jackson as Bulls coach?

Tim Floyd
After Phil Jackson was told by GM Jerry Krause that after the 1998 season he would no longer be the coach of the Chicago Bulls, Tim Floyd was chosen as his successor.

Is Phil Jackson still coaching?

Jackson retired from coaching in 2011 and joined the Knicks as an executive in March 2014. He was dismissed as the Knicks’ team president on June 28, 2017.

Who was Michael Jordan’s favorite coach?

Jackson was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls from 1989 to 1998, leading them to six NBA championships.

Why did Jerry Krause not want Phil Jackson?

Jerry Krause was unhappy with the credit Jackson had been receiving about the Bulls championships and felt underappreciated. Some reports even hinted that Krause believed Jackson was indebted to him for giving him his first coaching job.

Why was Phil Jackson fired from bulls?

Some believed that Krause felt under-recognized for building a championship team and believed that Jackson was indebted to him for giving him his first NBA coaching job. After the Bulls’ final title of the Jordan era in 1998, Jackson left the team vowing never to coach again.