Who died from Misfits of Science?

Handsome Dean Paul Martin (son of legendary actor and crooner Dean Martin) died in a military plane crash on 21 March 1987, aged 35. Kevin Peter Hall died on 10 April 1991 (also aged 35) of AIDS-related pneumonia after contracting HIV from a blood transfusion.

When did Misfits of Science come out?

October 4, 1985
Misfits of Science/First episode date

Is Misfits based on Misfits of Science?

Misfits of Science is an American superhero fantasy sci-fi drama created by James D. Parriott that aired on NBC from October 4, 1985 to May 16, 1986….

Misfits of Science
Created by James D. Parriott
Starring Dean Paul Martin Kevin Peter Hall Mark Thomas Miller Courteney Cox Jennifer Holmes Max Wright Mickey Jones

When did the Misfits of Science come out?

Misfits of Science is an American superhero fantasy television series that aired on NBC from October 1985 to May 1986.

Who was the leader of the Misfits of Science?

… Superhero series about a group of young mutants who worked for an American thinktank fighting crime. Elvin could shrink to a size of eight inches, Gloria possessed telekinetic powers, and Johnny B was able to fire lightning bolts from his hands. Their leader was Dr. Hayes.

Who are the Misfits of Science in New Zealand?

Misfits of Science were a New Zealand hip-hop group that formed in 2000. The two members met in an urban streetwear shop on Queen Street in Auckland, New Zealand in 2000. As well as ‘MOS Presents…’, they have released the ‘Fools Love (Ragga Remix)’, a remix to ‘Fools Love’ featuring Tuff Enchant with its own video.

Who is Miss Nance in the Misfits of Science?

Diane Civita as Miss Nance, the scientists’ secretary. Although she usually seems more interested in doing her nails, going on her coffee break, and watching her soap operas, she is actually the one who keeps their department running and is always there at the end of the show to turn off the lights and say good-night to the bunnies in their cages.