Who is the vocalist of Urbandub?

Gabby Alipe
Lalay LimJohn Dinopol

According to the lead vocalist Gabby Alipe, behind the band’s name: When we were just starting out.. urbandub was supposed to be a reggae band…we were suppose [sic] to play reggae mixed with dub, ska, dancehall, hiphop, and rock.

What happened to Urbandub?

Rock group Urbandub will be going “on hiatus,” as confirmed by vocalist Gabby Alipe. Alipe says the stresses of the band life, especially the constant touring, have taken its toll on the band members. “The band thing, the touring, the traveling… pahinga muna,” Alipe tells Rappler early Saturday morning.

What is the genre of urbandub?


Who is the vocalist of 6CycleMind?

Tutti Caringal
Ney Dimaculangan
6cyclemind (sometimes spelled as Six Cycle Mind, 6 Cycle Mind, 6CycleMind or 6Cyclemind) is a Filipino rock band composed of Tito Fortunato “Tutti” Caringal II on vocals, Ryan “Rye” Sarmiento on rhythm guitars and backing vocals, Roberto “Bob” Cañamo on bass guitar and backing vocals, Herbert Hernandez on lead guitars …

What happened to Ney of 6cyclemind?

Though he quit 6cyclemind in 2011, people still associate Ney Dimaculangan with the band. And why not? It’s still his voice that fans hear when 6cyclemind’s hits, such as “Biglaan” and “Sandalan,” are played on radio. Burnout was one of the reasons that Ney left 6cyclemind—he wanted to try something new.

Who is the vocalist of Hale?

Champ Lui Pio
Roll Martinez
Arthur Bernard Dolino Lui Pio (born February 8, 1982) is a music artist and guitarist and vocalist of Hale. He is publicly recognized by the name “Champ” or “Champ Lui-Pio”.

Why did Omnie Saroca leave Hale?

Despite expectations, album sales for the album was low due to economic woes of the band’s music label, EMI Philippines. Hale drummer and percussionist Omnie Saroca left the band in the same year to focus on other issues outside the music industry.

Who is the vocalist of silent sanctuary?

Raymund Sarangay
Silent Sanctuary/Singers

Is Hale disbanded?

Paolo Santiago (formerly of Join the Club) subsequently replaced him as the band began recording their fourth studio album Kundiman released in 2009. In 2010, the group disbanded….Hale (band)

Years active 2004–2010 2015–present
Labels Warner Music Philippines EMI/PolyEast

Does Karen Reyes have a child?

Karen Reyes
Years active 2012–present
Agent Star Magic (2012–present)
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Children 2

Is silent sanctuary disband?

— Chino David on music direction When the other projects started pouring in, Chino reorganized his calendar with Silent Sanctuary, making sure that there’d be someone to fill in for him at shows. Eventually, though, both parties silently decided to go their separate ways in 2016.

Is it hail or Hale?

hale/ hail Hale describes someone hearty and healthy. Hail, on the other hand, has the “i” for “ice,” but it’s also a verb — raise your arm and hail a cab, hail the queen, or hail a great success. Hail means to call attention to something.

Who is the lead singer of Urbandub band?

For a short term of their name, they are labeled as “Udub”, short for Urbandub. The band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Gabby Alipe makes his acting debut in the 2015 film entitled The Breakup Playlist, on which he starred alongside fellow singers Piolo Pascual And Sarah Geronimo

What are the names of the Urbandub videos?

Videography 1 From Birth “Come” 2 From Influence “A New Tattoo” 3 From Embrace “Alert the Armory” “First of Summer” “Endless, A Silent Whisper” “Frailty” 4 From Under Southern Lights “Guillotine” “Evidence” “The Fight is Over” 5 From The Apparition “Gravity” “A Call To Arms” “Sending a Message” 6 From Esoteric “Never Will I Forget”

When did birth by Urbandub come out?

Birth is raw and heavy, with obvious influences of Deftones and other experimental rock bands. Though the album’s production quality was rough, it emerged as a successor to the scene that dominated independent radio in the mid 1990.

What does Urbandub’s mark on his right eye mean?

Urbandub was interviewed in Animax and later on performed in a show aired on Animax called Mad Mad Fun. The mark on Gabby Alipe’s right eye isn’t a scar nor a tattoo. In an interview, he stated that it is a birthmark shaped like Cebu island.