Who voices the narrator in Crackdown?

Michael McConnohie

Michael McConnohie
Born July 23 Mansfield, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Voice actor writer director
Years active 1978–present
Website mcconnohie.com

What happened to the agent in Crackdown 2?

Crackdown 2 sees the creation of a new type of Agent. These new Agents are now protected by a more advanced suit, which evolves along with the Agent, providing the Agent with heightened body protection and full facial protection. These new Agents also gain new abilities once they reach the peak of their Skills.

Does Crackdown 2 have multiplayer?

Gameplay. Crackdown 2 is modeled similarly to its predecessor Crackdown, a third-person shooter in open world gameplay. Like Crackdown, the game allows for online co-operative play in the main game, but now supports up to four players. The game also features competitive multiplayer modes for up to sixteen players.

Who is the voice of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner?

Patty MattsonWoW
Sylvanas Windrunner/Voices

Who is the voice of the Lich King?

Ron Perlman is the voice of Lich King in Adventure Time, and Hiroo Sasaki is the Japanese voice.

Who is the best agent in Crackdown 3?

Which Crackdown 3 starting Agent should I pick?

  • Jaxon – 10 percent Strength EXP bonus and 5 percent Explosives EXP bonus.
  • Zaya – 10 percent Driving EXP bonus and 5 percent Agility EXP bonus.
  • Forgey – 10 percent Explosives EXP bonus and 5 percent Firearms EXP bonus.

Does Crackdown 2 have a story?

Crackdown 2 is a game where it turns out you were the bad guy all along. This isn’t the explicit story, but a secret one, told only in hidden audio logs. If you played the first Crackdown to completion, you’d know that the game ends with a wild twist: The good guys are actually bad guys.

Is Crackdown 3 single player?

Co-op has changed. While it was originally reported that Crackdown 3 would feature four-player co-op support in its single-player campaign, this has been revised. The game will now support two-player co-op.

Who is Nathanos Blightcaller?

Nathanos Blightcaller (born Nathanos Marris) is the champion and bodyguard of the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken, and a teacher of new Forsaken hunters. In life, Nathanos was the first and only human “ranger lord,” trained by the high elves of Quel’Thalas, and was close to Sylvanas Windrunner.

Is Sylvanas a banshee?

Sylvanas, now an undead banshee, was granted a number of unconventional abilities by Arthas.