Who wrote Baby Mine from Dumbo?

Frank Churchill
Baby Mine (Dumbo)/Composers

Who sings baby of mine in the Dumbo movie?

Along with Arcade Fire’s version, the new remake of Dumbo will also feature a rendition of “Baby Mine” sung by Norwegian singer, Aurora. The film’s score was composed by Danny Elfman.

Who wrote the music for Dumbo?

Danny Elfman
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Composer Danny Elfman broke his cardinal rule for Disney’s remake of “Dumbo”: He wrote music ahead of time, long before shooting began and without even seeing a script.

What year did the song Baby Mine come out?

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What Disney movie had the song baby of mine?

“Baby Mine” is a song from the 1941 Disney animated feature Dumbo. The music is by Frank Churchill, with lyrics by Ned Washington. Betty Noyes recorded the vocals for the original film version.

What movie had the song Baby mine in it?

Did Danny Elfman do Dumbo?

Elfman recorded the score in London with an 85-piece orchestra and a 60-voice choir and, naturally, the whole thing is built around a main recurring theme for Dumbo himself. Interestingly, Elfman revealed in an interview with Jon Burlingame for Variety that he wrote Dumbo’s theme more than a year before shooting began.

Who did the score for Dumbo?


Dumbo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Film score by Danny Elfman
Length 1:00:56
Label Walt Disney
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What is the plot of Dumbo?

A young circus elephant is born with comically large ears and given the cruel nickname Dumbo. One day at a show, he is taunted by a group of kids, inciting his mother into a rage that gets her locked up. After Dumbo’s ears cause an accident that injures many of the other elephants, he is made to dress like a clown and perform dangerous stunts. Everything changes when Dumbo discovers that his enormous ears actually allow him to fly, and he astounds everyone at the circus with his new talent.
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Is Jenna Elfman still married to Danny Elfman?

He has been married to Jenna Elfman since February 18, 1995. They have two children.

Can Danny Elfman read music?

TIL that famous film composers Hans Zimmer [Pirates of the Caribbean/Lion King] and Danny Elfman [The Simpsons/Spiderman] cannot read sheet music.

Is Dumbo based on a true story?

It is believed that the story of Dumbo is loosely based on the real life elephant Jumbo, a male African Bush elephant born in Sudan in 1860. A firm favourite of Queen Victoria’s children, Jumbo spent his days giving visitors of the zoo rides on his back. Jumbo and his trainer Matthew Scott, 1885.

Who is the voice of Baby Mine in Dumbo?

” Baby Mine ” is a song featured in Dumbo. It is sung by the offscreen voice of Betty Noyes (implied to be Mrs. Jumbo) and a small chorus. It is heard while Dumbo is visiting his mother, who is locked up in solitary confinement.

Who was the elephant in the movie Baby Mine?

In the film, Dumbo’s mother, Mrs. Jumbo, an elephant locked in a circus wagon, cradles her baby Dumbo with her trunk while this lullaby is sung. It is also the last appearance of the circus animals. The song was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 14th Academy Awards in 1942.

Who was the original singer of Baby Mine?

Alison Krauss recorded it for the 1996 album The Best of Country Sing the Best of Disney. Her version earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Arcade Fire recorded a cover of “Baby Mine” for the end credits of the 2019 live-action re-imagining of Dumbo.

Who is the singer in Baby Mine by Betty Noyes?

Actress and singer Betty Noyes recorded the vocals for a scene in which baby elephant Dumbo visits his mother, who is locked up in a circus wagon. The mom cradles him with her trunk as she offers words of comfort, telling him she will always have his back.