Who wrote the song Stay Another Day?

Tony Mortimer
Dominic Hawken
Stay Another Day/Composers

What year did East 17 stay another day?

Stay Another Day/Released

What was East 17 first hit?

“It’s Alright” became a major success in Australia, reaching No. 1 in early 1994 for 7 weeks in a row and No. 3 in the UK in 1993. In 1994, upon the release of their second album, Steam, East 17 scored their only UK number-one single with “Stay Another Day”….

East 17 discography
Music videos 23
EPs 1
Singles 22

What happened to the members of East 17?

But in 1997 a drug-related controversy led to Harvey’s shock departure from the group and Mortimer departed soon after, and the East 17 dream was over. Due to medical reasons Harvey has abstained from the music industry over the past decade.

What does Tony Mortimer make?

East 17’s Tony Mortimer admits he dreads hearing Stay Another Day (even though he is estimated to earn £97,000 a YEAR in royalties)

Where is East 17?

Walthamstow, United Kingdom
East 17/Origin

Why did Hendy leave East 17?

East 17 Fans John exclusively stressed to us on why he left the band. ‘I’ve left the group over personal problems between me, Robbie and Terry, not because I’ve had a baby or anything else or my fiancé. It’s time to move on and I’m not getting any younger but good luck to them.

Who came first East 17 or take that?

In the UK, there was Bros, managed by Tom Watkins, who soon added East 17 to his stable of handsome young men. In 1990, Take That was formed and, soon after, Boyzone. As the 1990s continued, Take That and East 17 (and 911, Five and Blue) were usurped by Britpop and indie rock.

What does Tony Mortimer do now?

When the band reunited in 1998, Mortimer decided not to return, focusing on solo music instead. Nowadays, Tony focuses on being a record producer from his studio in Essex as well as raising his two daughters, Atlanta and Ocean, with his partner Tracey.

What is Noddy Holder’s real name?

Neville John Holder
Noddy Holder/Full name

Does Dave Hill get royalties?

The rocker gets no royalties from the band’s Christmas anthem unless he plays it live — but that’s always a joy. You might think December would be a lucrative month for Dave Hill, the lead guitarist in Slade, best known for the 1970s hit Merry Xmas Everybody. However, he gets paid for it only when he performs the song.

Are East 17 still together?

East 17 are an English pop boy band started by Tony Mortimer, Brian Harvey, John Hendy, and Terry Coldwell in 1991….

East 17
Origin Walthamstow, London, England
Genres Pop dance-pop pop-rap hip hop
Years active 1991–1997 1998–1999 2006–2013 2014–present

Who was the original singer of Stay Another Day?

Girls Aloud competed against One True Voice, managed by music producer Pete Waterman. Girls Aloud recorded a cover version of “Stay Another Day”, intended as their debut single, with Cheryl Cole providing lead vocals. After Girls Aloud recorded ” Sound of the Underground “, “Stay Another Day” was instead released as its B-side.

When did stay another day by East 17 come out?

” Stay Another Day ” is a pop song recorded by British boy band East 17. Released in late 1994, it was their only number one on the UK Singles Chart, becoming the Christmas number one of 1994.

When was just another day by Jon Secada released?

A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. “Just Another Day” is a song by Cuban-American artist Jon Secada. It was released in March 1992 as the lead single from his debut album Jon Secada.

What are the band members wearing in Stay Another Day?

One video features the band recording and performing the song in a studio. The other video features the band in a black background. The group are seen wearing white fur trimmed parkas and black leather jackets. A woman wearing a dress and veil also appears whilst it snows.