Why is Tree-ear disappointed on his first day of work with Min?

Why does Tree-ear offer to work for Min? He offers to work for Min in order to pay for the pottery he broke. Why is Tree-ear disappointed on his first day of work with Min? He is disappointed because he expected to learn to throw pots, and instead he is sent to chop wood.

Where does min send Tree-ear the second day?

Min agrees, sending Tree-ear to the river for clay. One afternoon, word spreads throughout Ch’ulp’o that a royal emissary called Kim is coming to offer commissions to the best potters both in their village and another village down the coast.

When Min surprised Tree-ear what happened?

Chapter 13 : Tree-ear cannot wait to get back to tell Min the news. When he arrives Min’s wife tells him that Min is at the draining site. Tree-ear tells him the news and is surprised that Min does not seem to react. In fact Min has very bad news – that Crane-man was killed in an accident on his bridge.

What did Min pay Tree-ear for his work?

Book Information He was admiring a piece of pottery created by master potter Min who lived in the same village as Tree-Ear. An orphan who lives under a bridge with Crane-man, Tree-Ear is very poor and cannot pay for the broken pottery and must work for Min to pay for the broken pottery.

What town was Tree-ear in when two robbers smashed the vases he was carrying?

Expert Answers Tree-ear is attacked by the robbers when he reaches the city Puyo. Thinking the boy’s basket may contain food, the robbers take it from him. Angry and disappointed, they smash the expensive pottery.

Where did Tree-ear get robbed?

The emissary returns and offers him a commission if he can bring a sample to the capital. Min makes the pots, Crane-man makes the baskets to carry them, and Tree-ear sets off for Songdo, the capital. Tree-ear is attacked by two robbers who throw his pots over a cliff to the river below and steal his coins.

What does Tree-ear ask of Min at the start of Chapter 3?

When his nine days are up, Tree-ear returns to Min’s and asks to be given a job. Min tells Tree-ear he cannot afford to pay him, but he gives him a job anyway.

Why does Tree-ear have no friends?

Why does tree-ear have no friends? In A Single Shard, Tree-ear comes to live under the bridge as he is an orphan. Because he has no one to take care of him, he has to survive by foraging for scraps. And as he has no home, he has to live under a bridge, where he stays with Crane-man.

Why does tree-ear have no friends?

What is tree-ear’s dream?

Tree-ear’s work for Min continues, but he still has not had the chance to throw a pot on the wheel. His dream is to make a prunus vase.

Why does tree ear have no friends?

What does Crane-man make for tree ear?

Tree-ear still hopes Min will teach him to be a potter. Crane-man makes sandals for Tree-ear from the rice straw.

Why did Min send Tree ear to get Clay?

Next day Min sends Tree-ear to get clay, not wood. Tree-ear watches the skillful clay workers cut the clay with a spade, and then he tries it himself. Of course, Tree-ear is not skillful and it takes him a long time and a lot of effort to fill his cart. At the end of the morning’s work he realises that it is now Min’s responsibility to feed him.

What was Min’s first job for Tree-ear?

It was Min’s turn to chop wood for the kiln fires for the communal kiln. What was Min’s first job for Tree-ear? Fill a cart with dry wood

When does Tree ear take his bowl back to Min?

Chapter 4: Next morning Tree-ear takes his own bowl to Min’s house so that he can take half of the food back to Crane-man. Min’s wife feels puzzled by this and Tree-ear wonders if he has deceived her. Later that day he is becoming more skillful at cutting clay.

How did Crane man treat Tree ear’s hand?

Next morning Crane-man treats Tree-ear’s injured hand. Now Tree-ear can continue his promised work for Min. Chapter 3: When Tree-ear arrives at Min’s house, Min is unhappy that Tree-ear had not unloaded the wood near the kiln when he came back the previous day. He gives Tree-ear the same job for the new day.